Berkeley Technology Review


I joined the staff of Berkeley Tech Review, because the goal of the publication (to start a conversation on technology and its interactions with society in one of the top technological institutes in the country ) spoke to me. I created these designs so as to brand BTR in a way that evokes professionalism, journalistic integrity, and modernity.


Home Page

Using some of the research I did at InternMatch to design this landing page, I emphasized the ability to curate the main articles above the fold and highlighted the most popular content. The look of the publication is focused. I wanted to avoid a flashy style that would distract from the content and also tried to stay away from imagery that would date the publication, as technology is constantly changing and the look of the site should accomodate any of these aesthetic changes.


article Page

Much of the design of the article pages is inspired by the Medium reading experience. There is no clutter competing for your attention while reading. The content is presented in an up-front and comfortable-to-read style. I decided to point the reader towards one of three further reading options: related, popular, and recent. These are meant to leave an appealing option for those exploring posts casually, those trying to catch up with the popular recent editorials, and those returning users who want the freshest content.


Topic Page

Instead of several different topic pages, I wanted to create a single flexible page which utilizes two filters to look at specific topics in a specific order (e.g. show me the most popular articles on Computing). This design was made to unify the reading experience, so that the boundaries between topics are more fluid and readings can jump from one to the next without feeling as much like they are being taken to another page. 


Promotional materials

This was a flyer designed to recruit for multiple teams at BTR. The design goal I had here was to make something bold and simple that would focus on the key details, which are the teams looking to hire and the recruitment timeline.

The front of the flyer is Art Deco-inspired, because I wanted to channel another time in history when the rapid pace of technological change was affecting society - an idea that speaks to the mission of the publication to examine technology's impact on the social, political, and cultural spheres.