Codenames Boardgame

This was a personal project designed by me and developed by Gavin Song, in which we adapted the word game Codenames (originally created by Vlaada Chvatil) to a digital experience. We wanted to create a mobile version, because the game has relatively simple pieces (cards and a board), and because the manufacturer stopped producing it. Mainly, it was a lot of fun to play, and we wanted to make it available to anyone with a mobile phone. 


The Original

The style of the original game channels an Archer-esque illustration style. I tried to update this look in my designs, while staying true to the friendly and cartoon-like quality of the original. 



In these first sketches, I try to develop a strong understanding of how the original game works before attempting to translate it to digital. 

These next sketches depict what the digital version might actually look like to different players. The most difficult part of the design was definitely figuring out how to designate different roles to different players. Would the players have to input that on their own? How would people switch teams - would they displace someone else? Working these different scenarios out with sketching helped me find the solution that would be the easiest for the players. 


Flow Map

This is the beginnings of a flow map for the game. The top row is has a red team player, and bottom has a blue team player. The top is also a captain, whereas the bottom is a regular team-member (or operative).