Do Something: A Startup Product Expo

Do Something was a startup product expo organized by my pledge class (Zeta) of Sigma Eta Pi, a co-ed entrepreneurship fraternity. The idea was to show students how accessible startups were, have them interact with the physical products, and network with founders. The startups could benefit from getting exposure for their brand, as well as take the opportunity to recruit Berkeley students. We emphasized diversity in both our startup selection, with companies as different from each other as Oculus VR to Madison Reed hair coloring, and in our approach of marketing to students of all majors and years. 


Early Ideas

These are three earlier versions of the flyer design which show how my thinking evolved.

Iteration 1 - I kept the color scheme and the four disks (tech, design, fashion, and food) of this design, but scrapped the balloon graphic. I felt that it gave off a more cartoonish look, which departed from the style of the four disks. 

Iteration 2 - Here I solidified the branding a bit further, by changing the display typeface from a sterile-looking Sans Serif to a friendlier script. Ultimately, this version had too much text that diverted attention, and the handshake channeled an idea of business that is more old-fashioned (the opposite of what we were going for with a startup expo). 


Iteration 3 - This was a step in a totally different direction. I wanted to play with a more colorful idea, but in the end decided against this particular version. I looked at the flyer and realized that a cursory scan wouldn't really tell me what the event was all about. I felt like the photograph of the Berkeley campus was too generic to set the flyer apart from other student events and groups. 


Final Flyer Designs

In the end, I decided to put the four disks front-and-center, since the key distinction of our event was the diversity of the startups presented. 

Front of the flyer

Back of the flyer


Facebook Marketing Materials

I designed a facebook profile picture and cover photo for members of my fraternity to use to promote the event. I wanted to the keep the look clean, so that the profile pictures would look good at a small thumbnail size. The cover photo conveyed all the essential details, with separate copy-writing for the event to be added in the photo caption. 


Participation Packages

These were the packages sent to the participating startups, detailing our value proposition, prices, and services. Click to enlarge. 

Because these were being sent to the CEOs of startups, I wanted to make sure it reflected well on our event and our fraternity. The top of the first page features a small graphic that shows that the event is a hybrid between a career fair and a product expo. This makes it easy to conceptualize. 

The event description is labeled as "Our Pitch" to play off of the idea that it is startup-centric.

I nested the standard package within the premium package on the next page to show that the premium included everything in the standard and more. 


Photos of the event

The event was highly successful, with a packed room for the entire four hours, a line pushing out into the lobby for free Philz Coffee, and over 400 attendees. Check out the event page here and the facebook page here.

Photos by Brian Truong