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I conducted user studies for Internmatch in order to better understand how to approach redesigning the blog, as well as to get to know students' views on professional networking to see if that's a direction that should be pursued. I recruited students to the study by placing a banner on the homepage, and the format of the study was 30-45 minute phone conversations facilitated by screensharing mockups. 


Study Findings

This is a presentation I made to the rest of the office on the insights I gathered from the user study and my recommendations based on those insights. Note: Interviewee names have been changed to protect the privacy of the students involved.


Mockups Shown to Students

These mockups were shown to the students I spoke to on the phone via screen-share. I would ask them what they thought the page/feature was to see if there was anything inherently confusing, and then ask them more specific questions about each mockup

We wanted to understand what students' idea of professional networking and "connecting" to other students was

This mockup was used to see whether students would feel comfortable reaching out to past interns of a company they were interested in working at

These mockups were to used to gauge which navigation bar topics were the most interesting and comprehensible, and to understand students' general understanding of the site structure. I asked students to tell me what kind of content they thought each topic would include, and to rate each topic on a scale of 1 to 10 (not interesting to very interesting).


Initial Sketches

After conducting the study, I started to work on incorporating the insights I got into a viable design. These are some of the sketches I made which I tried to align with the recommendations I stated in the presentation of the findings.



These pixel-level mockups were designed with the user research insights in mind.

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