Pal is an app like TaskRabbit, but for smaller-scale tasks at a lower price point


 The target user base is college students, so I wanted the branding to feel trustworthy, friendly, and casual at the same time. These are some of my original branding ideas - the last one is supposed to reflect the tagline, "an app for the small things."

I played around with some explorations of the logo, and ended up going with a simple P, inspired by amber relics from Legend of Zelda, which ties in the idea of having "sidequests" in real life. I also chose a color scheme that had a lot of warm colors to again reinforce the feeling of friendliness inherent in the name of the app.


Initial Ideas and Sketches



A key idea of the app is the ability to pick up nearby tasks when you have a spare moment, so the home screen is essentially a map. A design challenge I faced was deciding how to display tasks that span multiple locations on a map, such as any involving delivery. To show both points or a complete route for every task that included delivery would be overwhelming. I decided to go with a horizontal task scroll at the bottom that allows you to see a bit more about a given task, including a route.